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Miscellaneous Canada Southern and New York Central related Items


Canada Southern freight car models (HO & O)

Selected events / history of the CASO

Canada Southern Employee Timetables

Canada Southern Station Numbers

Canada Southern Waybills & Delivery Advice Notices

Canada Southern Speed Limits

Canada Southern Freight Customer and Car Counts - 1953/1954

Canada Southern Locomotive Consists

Canada Southern Livestock Loading Facilities - 1948

Canada Southern Interchange Traffic - Nov. 1959 - Jan. 1960

Canada Southern Interchange Traffic with Wabash - February 1957

Passenger Train consists

Canada Southern Derailment Reports

 TH&B-NYC Locomotive Agreement - 1935 ( PDF FILE )

Canada Southern Postcards and Railway Post Office cancellations

 Canada Southern Passes

Canada Southern Safety Posters

 Article on the 21st Anniversary of the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel (PDF FILE )

Canada Southern Siding Capacities

 Trackage Rights

Canada Southern Connecting Lines - L&PS,TH&B,WABASH,PM,ETR

Track Pan Removal ( PDF FILE )

Overview of the CASO - 1956

Freight Train consists

Canada Southern 1912 Mortgage

CASO Audio & Video Files

Books and Videos with Canada Southern content

Niagara Bridge replacement details ( PDF FILE )

Canada Southern Trainorders

Canada Divison Special Rules - 1965 ( PDF FILE )

Michigan Central - Canada Division 1920 Rule Book ( PDF FILE )

CASO Signal Dept. construction orders

Michigan Central - Canada Division 1927 MOFW Rule Book ( PDF FILE )

CASO Statistics - 1909-1948

Michigan Central Windsor Interlocking installation - 1940 ( PDF FILE )

Michigan Central ATC installation - 1931 ( PDF FILE )

Sample of Trains operating on the St.Clair Branch in 1958/1959

St. Clair branch abandonment versus future maintenance expenses ( PDF FILE )

International Bridge Rules & Regulations - Fort Erie to Black Rock ( PDF FILE )

1917-1924 Maintenance of Way files ( PDF FILE )

1882 CASO/MCRR agreement ( PDF FILE )

Canada Southern Annual Reports

Detroit River Tunnel electrics ( PDF FILE )Canada Southern Statutes
West CASO Dispatcher sheet - June 7, 1988 ( PDF FILE )Canada Southern Document files
CASO Agent & Conductor reports - April 3, 1877 ( PDF FILE ) Canada Southern Stocks and Bonds



Tourist Pamphlet



Michigan Central Freight Schedule - February 1941

Michigan Central Employee Passes ( PDF FILE )

Michigan Central Annual Reports - 1847-1929

Michigan Central List of Officers, Agents & Stations - 1920 ( PDF FILE )

Michigan Central Windsor Interlocking installation - 1940 ( PDF FILE )

Michigan Central ATC installation - 1931 ( PDF FILE )

Michigan Central Rates of Pay - 1920 ( PDF FILE )

Michigan Central Rates of Pay - 1941 ( PDF FILE )

1912 MCRR-Virginian Percentages table ( PDF FILE )

1912 MCRR switching tariff ( PDF FILE )

Chicago Kalamazoo & Saginaw 1924 handling of empty cars ( PDF FILE )

Train Dispatcher Sheets

1914 Detroit yard upgrade ( PDF FILE )

MCRR timebooks



New York Central Photos - - Beyond the Canada Southern

New York Central Division Maps

Miscellaneous Brochures and Documents

New York Central Public Passenger Timetables

New York Central 'Headlight' employee magazines

Passenger Train consists

New York Central Freight Car Roster

 New York Central Passenger Car Roster

New York Central MofW Roster

New York Central Annual Reports - 1855-1967

New York Central Accident Reports

Pullman and Parlor car assignment of space

New York Central Freight Schedule - 1905, 1949 & 1964

New York Central Public Fast Freight Schedules

New York Central Diesel Paint Drawings

Penn Central 'Post' employee magazines 

Toledo Airline Freight Train consists

New York Central Employee timetables

Toledo-Lake Division Freight Train consistsTrain Dispatcher Sheets
Ypsilanti Branch Freight Train consists

Railway Post Office related items ( PDF FILE )

Lansing Branch Freight Train consists

Locomotive consists - Rochester, NY 

Fort Wayne Branch Freight Train consists

1954 Conductors list of passenger station numbers ( PDF FILE )

Western Division Freight Train consistsOctober 24, 1944 Ohio Division dispatcher sheet
Rochester Branch Freight Train consistsJames Whitcomb Riley
1963 Sales and Service Guide ( PDF FILE )New York Central Lines magazine
1961 List of station numbers & junction points ( PDF FILE )New York Central 1926 Fire Prevention & Protection rules ( PDF FILE )
1950 List of station numbers & junction points ( PDF FILE )New York Central 1951 Catechism for Signal Rules ( PDF FILE )
New York Central 1937 Rule Book ( PDF FILE )1943 List of Officers, Stations and other Facilities ( PDF FILE )