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Search the Canada Southern website

Enter one or more keywords to search the entire website - including locomotive and car numbers.

You can search for words on text pages, within PDF files or images.

Pages from Timetables, Central Headlight and Penn Central Post magazines are searchable.

You can select to search everything in the website or within specific categories.

 You should be able to locate employee names from the retired and promotion lists printed in the Headlight and Post magazines. Please note that with these old documents, it is impossible to guarantee a perfect match all of the time. Accuracy of OCR programs on older documents - particularly timetables with small print - is less than perfect and there are a number of technical issues involved as well that will prevent some searches to pull up what you are hoping to find. Character spacing in the old documents can cause issues as well. Many times - the word ends up with spaces between some letters. Therefore - if you have difficulty locating specific words - I suggest using 'portions' of the word as it's possible the OCR program misspelled the word you are looking for or added inappropriate spaces, but you might find it using a portion of the word.