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Freight Services on the New York Central


New York Central Freight Car Roster

New York Central Freight Car Paint & Lettering Information

New York Central freight car photos

NYC Subsidiary freight car photos

NYC Maintenance of Way equipment photos

Rochester Area Freight Train consists

Toledo-Lake Divisions Freight Train consists

Western Division Freight Train consists

Ypsilanti Branch Freight Train consists

Lansing Branch Freight Train consists

Toledo Division - Air Line Jct. to Fort Wayne Freight Train consists

Fort Wayne Branch Freight Train consists

Video of MDT shops constructing freight cars - 1952

NYC to PC renumbering

CONRAIL renumbering

New York Central Freight Schedule - 1905, 1949 & 1964

New York Central Public Fast Freight Schedules

NYC Toledo waybills - July 1953 ( PDF FILE )

Chicago Kalamazoo & Saginaw 1924 handling of empty cars ( PDF FILE )

Freight cars assigned to special service on the Michigan Central/Canada Southern ( PDF FILE )

Michigan Central Passenger & Freight car summary - 1928 ( PDF FILE )

Michigan Central Freight Schedule - February 1941

New York Central MofW Roster

New York Central Caboose Roster

Paint Code Triangle

Shop codes in use in 1954 - ( PDF FILE )

NYC Regulations governing design & equipment standard for freight equipment - 1934 (PDF FILE )

1961 List of station numbers & junction points ( PDF FILE )

NYC Through route maximum dimensions (PDF FILE )

NYC East Buffalo Yard (PDF FILE )

Michigan Central Detroit Yard (PDF FILE )

P&LE Youngstown Yard (PDF FILE )