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Visitors to the Canada Southern (Locomotives not assigned to the CASO)



Any of the J1 and J3 hudsons could appear on the CASO at any time - this includes the streamlined 5445-5454 making appearances a couple of times. Prior to the delivery of the Hudsons - it's possible that many of the regular NYC Pacifics could have made appearances.

During the late 1930's and through World War II - a few L2d Mohawks were temporarily assigned to the CASO.  So far, I have not found any photo or paperwork evidence of any L3 or L4 Mohawks or the Niagaras appearing on the CASO, but this does not mean they could not have made an appearance - though doubtful.

During the diesel era - after the conversion from electric to diesel power through the Detroit River Tunnel - any road units could be found travelling across the CASO. Refer to the the locomotive consists page for more information on some of these visits. Diesel switchers were rare, with only SW1's known to operate on the CASO's St. Clair Branch at times during the 1957-1960 period. During the Penn Central era - a number of US based switchers were rebuilt in St. Thomas - but they were not known to be used in service in Canada other than for a short break-in period after the rebuild in the St. Thomas yard.

Due to trackage rights - Pere Marquette/Chesapeake & Ohio trains operated between St. Thomas and Fort Erie, as well as Courtright to St. Thomas between 1903 and 1908. PM/C&O trains are known to have detoured via the CASO between Windsor, Fargo and St. Thomas due to derailments on their own lines. Wabash trains have also detoured via the CASO between Detroit and St. Thomas due to strikes at the Ferry Crossings between Detroit and Windsor, as well as derailments on the CN lines they operated on.


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