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  Canada Southern Freight Train Schedules


Circa 1949


BD-1 - Victoria to Detroit

BD-3 - Victoria to Detroit

DN-4 - Windsor to Suspension Bridge

A/JS-2 - Blue Island to DeWitt

JS-2 - Blue Island to DeWitt

MC-1 - Dewitt to Chicago

MC-3 - Dewitt to Chicago

MC/WB-2 - Windsor to Buffalo

MT-1 - Montrose and Victoria to Hamilton via TH&B

SD-1 - Suspension Bridge to Detroit

SD-3 - Suspension Bridge to Detroit

TM-2 - Hamilton to Montrose and Victoria via TH&B

WB-4 - Windsor to Buffalo

WD-4 - Windsor to DeWitt


Circa 1964


JS-2 - Chicago to DeWitt

MC/LS-1 - DeWitt to Detroit

MC-4 - DeWitt to Detroit

ML-9 - Selkirk to Detroit

NC-1 - DeWitt to Elkhart

NY-4 - Chicago to New York City