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Welcome to the Canada Southern Railway - Hope you enjoy your journey.


Thanks to the many people who took the time to take photographs along the Canada Southern division of the New York Central over the years, we can offer this large selection of photos taking us back in time when the CASO was a vibrant fast paced railroad serving Southern Ontario. Through the years, very little of the equipment was lettered for the Canada Southern, instead, equipment was lettered for it's largest shareholder of the day. The Michigan Central, then the New York Central, which later on became Penn Central and finally passed onto Conrail.

The glory years of this once great line definitely was under the New York Central oval. However, the long slow decline started to accelerate in the 1960s when the NYC started to divert freight traffic south of Lake Erie and continued under Penn Central and Conrail control. Unfortunately for many of us, the end was clearly in sight when the line was sold to Canadian National and Canadian Pacific in 1985. We all knew that neither railroad wanted it or even had any real intent on continued usage, so it declined further into it's current state of near non-existence.

Currently, there is little left in operation. 2001 saw the removal of the last remaining branch from Comber to Leamington. At the end of 2001 saw the removal of the mainline through downtown Niagara Falls. In 2003 CN removed the trackage from E&O to St.Thomas. Effective March 28, 2006 at 23:59, the St. Thomas to Fargo section was Embargoed and the rail has since been removed. The line from Windsor to Fargo saw it's last train on May 17th, 2011. Track between Fargo and Essex started to be removed on November 15, 2012. Very little remains of the Canada Southern and little that is left is barely used. Even the now unused Niagara River bridge may come down in the future.

Though originally this site dealt with the Canada Southern only, it has evolved into much more with tons of New York Central photos and reference material. Connecting railroads such as the London & Port Stanley, Toronto Hamilton & Buffalo, Pere Marquette/Chesapeake & Ohio/Chessie, Wabash, Essex Terminal are also represented. Look in the "Other Stuff" section for various items including New York Central accident reports, system public timetables, the employee magazine "Headlight" and the "Lines Magazine", fairly complete NYC freight and passenger car rosters, freight schedules and much more. There is currently over 26.8 gigabytes of timetables, maps, paper items and photos on the site and I'm adding more items as they become available and as time permits. If you have material that can be used on the site - please contact me.   Last addition to website was on January 4, 2021.



The main reason this site exists is to form a repository for quality information so that you, the visitor, can explore and develop your knowledge of these fascinating railroads. Not every visitor to this site is already an expert on the Canada Southern, the Michigan Central, or the New York Central System. I have tried to organize a very broad range of information in a way that will be both accessible and immediately understandable to you.

One major issue that continually comes up with some of the folks supplying photos is some items have been appearing on other websites without permission. The problem primarily deals with photos, but maps and documents have also been copied and posted on other websites, forums and email groups. I've spent countless hours scanning and cleaning material to make them presentable on this site. There is no problem with anyone downloading or printing material from the site for their own personal use whether it be for historical or modelling purposes - but please  DO NOT COPY OR REPOST  stuff onto other websites ( NOTE: direct links to pages on this site are fine as you are not actually copying the material - this includes posting to sites like Facebook and Flickr ). As a result of copying, I now have a number of valuable sources for photos inform me that I can't use any new material that he may have because of this issue and some of this material is extremely rare and of excellent quality and would be a great addition to the site - but without permission - I will not be putting this material up, so the people who have been copying material from this site and posted it on other sites as their own have blocked the inclusion of additional high quality material. If you have posted material onto another website or web forum - PLEASE REMOVE IT. Also be warned that I have come across copies of images that originated from this site that are now being used as links to sites that contain viruses.  Now, people are copying photos and submitting them to print magazines without obtaining permission from the owners of the material.  This is simply not acceptable and if it continues, may result in the website being completely taken down FOREVER as the people supplying the photos may terminate their agreement with me to use their photos.  Not sure WHY some people think it's acceptable to simply take other people work and sell it to a magazine for profit.  Photos have digital and visual watermarks.

I am constantly being told by a wide range of people that this site is seen as a valuable resource by the Canada Southern / New York Central historical and modelling communities. Unfortunately, the cost of hosting the site and obtaining the various materials found on the site ( photos, timetables, documents, etc. ) is not getting any cheaper and donations of any new materials is near zero. Outside of a minimal number of donations of scanned and/or loaned material over the years - everything on this site has at one point been the result of something I purchased or have access to, such as photos, timetables or the documents used to create the rosters. So basically, no new material can be added if I don't have access to new material, whether that means someone sending documents ( or scans thereof ) or making a monetary donation to help purchase new material. 

If you have documents, photos, or other New York Central / Michigan Central / Canada Southern related items that can be used on this site, please assist me in making this site a better one for all visitors, by either providing scans of the material or lending them to me to be included and shared for all to learn from and enjoy. Please email me at caso1@canadasouthern.com if you have any such materials that may be included in the site. 




Relive the CASO of days gone by in 1:87th Scale - CASO FREE-MO

Some of my non CASO/NYC photos

All photos on main pages are thumbnails. To view larger images of all photos, click on the photo. Use the back button on your browser to return to the previous screen.

Photos and other material on this site have been kindly provided by the following people: Frances Angelov, Jeff Bird, Bob Bowes, Larry Broadbent, Richard Burg, Gary Crowther, Mark Deutscher, Walter Daugherty, Dan Engstrom, Julian Erceg, David Ferris, John Friedmann, Marc Hammond, Jeff Hands, Dylan Harris, Al Howlett, James Hurley, Mark Hymers, Ken Jones, Randy Largent, John C. La Rue, Jr., Malcolm Laughlin, Paul Laurence, Bryce Lee, Gerry Lee, Dr. Richard Leonard, Keven Lewis, Terry Link, Keith MacCauley, John Martin, Michael and Kathy McIlwaine, Andre Menard, Gus Milazzo, David Miller, Terry Morris, Monroe Murphy, Eric Neubauer, William Orchard, Mark Palcso, Richard Palmer, Jim Parker, Al Paterson, Terry Pond, Helmut Ostermann, Carl Riff, Myles Roach, Eric Roth, John Scheffel, CAPT Rex Settlemoir, WIlliam Sharpe, Keith Sirman, John Spring, Rob Sterne, Richard L. Stoving (Edward L.May collection), John Taubeneck, Art Taylor, Adiran Telizyn, Chip Walker, Jim Walton, Robert Wasko, Bob Webber, Jay Williams , James Yaworsky and Tim Zukas.

Photos provided by Keith Sirman are available for purchase at various train shows.

Photos provided by Richard Stoving can be purchased from him. Contact him for details.

Photos provided by Jay Williams can be purchased from him. Contact him for details.

Photos provided by Helmut Ostermann are available for purchase from him at various shows in Southern Ontario. Phone 519-884-7058

Photos provided by Richard Burg can be purchased from him. Cinderandeight@aol.com


If you have any comments or questions concerning this site, please email me at caso1 @ canadasouthern.com. Also, if you have any photos or other New York Central/Canada Southern related items that can be used on this site, please email them to me as well. Please note that replies are made as time permits. Please do not expect an immediate reply.

Thanks for visiting,

Terry Link

All photos used with permission have appropriate credit given with each photo. All rights remain with their original owner, therefore DO NOT COPY THESE to other websites. Photos with no credit line are photos that I collected over the years from various places that have no credit attached to them, are in the public domain or are my own photos. If you find a photo that has no credit line and you legally hold title to the photo, please advise me providing proof of ownership. I can either add a credit line or remove the photo at your discretion. Contents of this site are for personal - non-commercial use only.

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