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The main reason this site exists is to form a repository for quality information so that you, the visitor, can explore and develop your knowledge of these fascinating railroads. Not every visitor to this site is already an expert on the Canada Southern, the Michigan Central, or the New York Central System. I have tried to organize a very broad range of information in a way that will be both accessible and immediately understandable to you.

One major issue that continually comes up with some of the folks supplying photos is some items have been appearing on other websites without permission. The problem primarily deals with photos, but maps and documents have also been copied and posted on other websites, forums and email groups. 

Now, a new problem - people are now taking photos from this site and submitting them to print magazines as part of a story/article.  I have been alerted to two articles that contain photos from this site and no permission was granted from the original owner of the photos.  As a result, I have suspended the website until further notice until I can resolve the issue with the owners of the photos..



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All photos used with permission have appropriate credit given with each photo. All rights remain with their original owner, therefore DO NOT COPY THESE to other websites. Photos with no credit line are photos that I collected over the years from various places that have no credit attached to them, are in the public domain or are my own photos. If you find a photo that has no credit line and you legally hold title to the photo, please advise me providing proof of ownership. I can either add a credit line or remove the photo at your discretion. Contents of this site are for personal - non-commercial use only.

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