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Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo

TH&B 37TH&B 50TH&B 52TH&B 61TH&B 62
TH&B 66TH&B 70TH&B 55TH&B 72TH&B 76
TH&B 86TH&B 301TH&B 301TH&B 303TH&B 502
TH&B 502TH&B 502TH&B 917TH&B 928TH&B 1043
TH&B 1082TH&B 1111TH&B 1145TH&B 1200TH&B 1906
TH&B 1952TH&B 2200TH&B 2397TH&B 2511TH&B 2805
TH&B 3235TH&B 3324TH&B 3030TH&B 3042TH&B 3287
TH&B 3421TH&B 3437TH&B 3469TH&B 3479TH&B 3581
TH&B 3710TH&B 4202TH&B 4259TH&B 4576TH&B 4622
TH&B 4761TH&B X627TH&B X706TH&B X710TH&B X714
TH&B X751TH&B X786TH&B X786