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Derailment Report - December 19, 1967 - Leamington


1130am date GYM H.F.Petrie reported Leamington local engine 5822 engineer Kirkman Conductor McConnell while dropping three cars canned goods derailed all trucks of the engine, all trucks of CN 280225, all trucks of CN 280212 and north trucks of CN 280288 at the switch to storage track just outside the gate to Heinz plant at Leamington.

Windsor and St.Thomas car dept trucks and Carman Sealey dispatched to Leamington. Track Foreman Stowe and men were at Leamington. H.F.Petrie to Leamington.

While making the drop, the engine derailed at the switch point and the three cars canned goods ran into the engine and cars were derailed. No personal injuries.


215pm from HFP - drawbar broken out of CN 280225 which was next to engine, and drawbar may be broken out of engine. Derailment caused by broekn splice 10 feet south of switch. May require an engine off WX-2 at Comber for Leamington Local.

S. Ryan - Claims Agent Detroit notified 845am December 20th

CN 280277 rerailed 230pm - CN 280212 rerailed 320pm - CN 280225 rerailed 420pm.

Diesel rerailed 600pm. Track OK at 730pm. Diesel backed up 3MPH and rail spread derailing 1 wheel of each truck west side.