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Derailment Report - August 5, 1967 - Windsor


At 530pm today Detroit double unit 5641-5634 Engineer C.G.Keck, Conductor G.Veracruysse, shoving waycar NYC 18140 west on track No.2, electric yard Windsor, ran a red pot signal, west end track No.2, and ran thru No.11 switch. Derailed west trucks on waycar. Route was lined up for CPR No.340 equipment off CP Main to Depot. Waycar rerailed at 805pm by local forces. It was necessary to send CPR No.340 equipment back to CP yard and taxi 15 passengers from Depot to CP Yard to board train. Two hours 30 minutes delay to double unit. Track and No.11 switch okay at 915pm. Operator R.Dorland on duty at Depot.


H.F.Petrie - GYM 940pm