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Derailment Report - September 6, 1967 - Waterford


At 1255am date, C&O Eastbound DB-4, diesels 2529-2518-3016 Engineer Grimstead Conductor Eberts, 68 loads 14 empties, 5470 tons, stopped east of Waterford with trucks at A east end of 8th rear car C&O 55799 coal derailed at mileage NF 67.7. First marks of derailment two rail lengths west of west switch of south siding Waterford. Both switches of south siding, east main crossover switch and team track switch at Waterford damaged and two rails of eastward track destroyed and 30 rails base nicked and cut. 3500 ties damaged, 2000 anchors to be replaced. Station platform and crosswalk east of Waterford damaged.

XM-2 in south siding Waterford when DB-4 passed reported fire flying. Derailed car remained upright and not foul of westward track. Derailed car remained upright and not foul of westward track. St.Thomas derrick called from 220am, left St.Thomas 345am, arrived Waterford 615am. C&O 55799 rerailed at 650am. Derrick left Waterford 1055am, arrived St.Thomas at 1238pm, with the 8 rear cars and caboose of DB-4. DB-4 proceeded to Montrose with head end of train, 74 cars, arriving at 435am.

West switch south siding OK at 916am for XM-2 to pull out onto main, but not OK for facing point movement. Eastward main track OK for 5 MPH at 916am and OK for 15mph at 1119am, 15 mph restriction will remain until further repairs can be made tomorrow, September 7th. East switch south siding OK 5 MPH at 1130am, main crossover switch OK 150pm for 5 MPH.

XM-2 delayed 8 hours at Waterford waiting for repairs to switches of south siding, No. 50 delayed 8 minutes Waterford slow order, NY-4 delayed 10 minutes Waterford slow order.

No personal injuries, weather clear. Trainmaster-Road Foreman Berdan, Div. Engineer J.P.Collings, Supervisor S.Dell, Car Foreman Dawdy at scene.


100pm September 7th - EB at Waterford - speed increased to 30MPH which will remain for about a week. A lot of rails have to be changed out.

100pm September 8th - Team track switch Waterford OK.