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Derailment Report - September 26, 1967 - Leamington


At 440pm September 26th CL-1 engine 5821 Engineer Monohan, Cunductor McConnell while pulling in House track at Leamington derailed 4 cars at depot. Train consisted of 13 empties. The high switch lined for house track. Diesel and leading trucks of first car in on house track. CP 166527 trailing truck headed down main and derailed. CN 291357 2nd car, heading down main and all derailed. CN 280018 3rd car down main and all derailed. CN 291340 4th car down main and all derailed. Car Dept. truck foreman and 2 men arrived 730pm. Track Dept truck foreman and 3 men arrived 735pm. CP 166527 rerailed 920pm. CN 291367 rerailed 1030pm. CN 280018 rerailed 920am 27th. CN 291340 rerailed 1120am 27th. Heinz Co. loading dock switcher 9pm to 1030pm 26th. Crew tied up 110m 26th. No damage to diesel or equipment. No injuries. Damage to track, 1 rail to be replaced in house track and other damage. Main line OK 1155am. House track will be OK 400pm date. Cause of derailment undetermined. First marks, wheels climbed rail 15 inches past switch point. When track gauged, showed tight. Also necessary to get bulldozer from Town of Leamington to pull back waycar and 7 cars to cut No.3 Highway.