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Derailment Report - November 16, 1967 - Welland


At 515pm date Train TF-2 engines TH&B 72-73-74 Conductor F.Branton Engineer J.McKim with 51 loads and 28 empties 5575 tons while pulling from TH&B to NYC tracks at Welland derailed 27th to 33rd cars inclusive starting at facing point main line crossovers westward track west of Welland drawbridge foul of both main tracks. TF-2 was making a reverse movement Welland Drawbridge to CP-10 account track circuit trouble on eastward main track. The derailed cars:

CP 364934 - 27th car - west trucks derailed - rerailed 1200noon - CP 358359 - 28th car - all derailed - rerailed 330pm - CP 358432 - 29th car - all derailed - rerailed 750pm - CP 357817 - 30th car - all derailed - rerailed 605pm - CP 364425 31st car - all derailed - rerailed 205pm - CP 357974 32nd car - all derailed - rerailed 1240pm - CP 359946 - 33rd car - east trucks derailed - rerailed 1115am.

All cars derailed are iron ore pellets ex Hilton Mines, Quyon, Quebec destined Jones Loughlin Steel Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA. St.Thomas Steam derrick Engine 5822 called at once 530am left St.Thomas 734am arrived Welland 1140am and spotted 1230pm. TH&B Yard engine arrived west end of derailment 1025am and assisted rerailing car CP 359946 at 1115am. Canadian National Fort Erie derrick ordered 640am Engine CNR 4513 arrived NYC yard Welland 945am switched and spotted 1135am. The approach span west and Welland Drawbridge has timbers shifted, track damage - 1 switch west end main line crossovers destroyed, two sets switch ties destroyed 6 39 foot 127 point rail and considerable damage to interlock pipe line. Rods bents on both ends of main line crossover. Cause of derailment, slewed truck on west end A end of car CP 364934, 27th head car, truck did not straighten out after coming off curve from TH&B. Marks on rail indicate wheel at L3 south side climbed south rail 79 inches west of facing point crossover switch or 3 inches east of receiving end of stock rail. Westward track OK at 900pm for 10MPH. CNR Derrick released 700pm. St. Thomas derrick left Welland 905pm.


No.13 and LS-3 diverted via South Shore - NYC (W)


No.17 - 1 hour 45 minutes Welland orders back up to Fort Erie account TF-2 derailment west of Welland drawbridge. 1 hour 55 minutes detoured via Canadian National Railways Fort Erie to Canfield Jct.

No.371 - 57 minutes Fort Erie Orders and Wait pilots from CNR detour via Canadian National Fort Erie to Canfield Jct. NYCRR Canfield Jct to Waterford arrived Waterford 1010am.

MC-4 - 3 hours 41 minutes St.Thomas backed in yards and held for orders Canfield Jct. diverted via Canadian National to Fort Erie NYC (E) to Frontier Yard Buffalo

No.50 - 2 hours 1 minute - Canfield Jct. orders and diverted Canadian National to Fort Erie (MC-4 ahead with air troubles).



Further report:


No. 354 - 1 hour back over at Canfield Jct. and reverse to CP 13 held at Broadway Welland until WB track OK.

No. 351 - 10 minutes Fort Erie station work and back out to operate via CNR to Canfield Jct. 45 minutes late on CNR.

FMA9 - 15 hours 30 minutes Welland wait for OK on WB track. Niagara Yard called 415am held 530am account derailment Welland - called 800pm left 840pm.

St.Thomas derrick arrived St.Thomas 350am 17th. Eastward track OK 5MPH at 300am 17th and OK'd 10MPH 415 am - 17th.

C&O Delays:

DB-4 - 3 hours 50 minutes St.Thomas held account derailment. Derrick & MC-4 to go. 1 hour 10 minutes at Hagersville No.50 to pass. Diverted to CNR Canfield Jct to Fort Erie.

Advance DF-2 - 2 hours 40 minutes Waterford C&O CDF-2 and NY-4 to pass. 2 hours 10 minutes Canfield Jct C&O CDF-2 ahead and reverse move to CP-10

CDF-2 - 2 hours 7 minutes Hagersville NY-4 to pass account FMA-9, MX-1, Derrick and ML-9 to go west. 1 hour 50 minutes Canfield Jct meet C&O BDM-3 and reverse move to CP-10

BDM-3 - 1 hour 2 minutes Welland ML-9 to pass

BDM-1 - 7 hours 40 minutes Black Rock held account derailment and get CN pilots to operate CNR Fort Erie to Canfield Jct.


November 19th - 850 am Westward track west of Welland Drawbridge OK for normal speed - T.J.H.

A.R.Bost advises eastward main track over Welland Drawbridge will be taken out of service 800am December 5th. Eastward trains will be reversed from Hagersville during time track out of service.

December 6th - Eastward track at Welland Drawbridge is OK for normal speed at 320pm date from A.R.Bost.