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Derailment Report - August 21, 1967 - Windsor


At 820am today yard work train diesel 7433 headed east Engineer Blackman Conductor A Campbell helper W.T.Naylor with three cars of stone on west end of diesel, ran red signal No.16 on eastbound main at Windsor Depot and over No.7 derail at Tower No.1 NYCX 19696 all derailed and car listed 45 degree angle to the south. NYCX 19675 west trucks off and rerailed at 1005am. Three rails turned, slight damage to rerail also rods bent. Ordered a front end loader from Marentette Bros to unload the stone in car NYCX 19696 and when made empty, will pull empty hopper back over on rails with burro crane, later on today. Two cars of stone unloaded at 1030am and will continue unloading stone on eastbound from Depot towards yard limited.

H.F.Petrie - 1100am

155pm - HTP says car no on yet (NYCX 19696) and track will not be ok for No.354

Car rerailed at 400pm. Eastbound track ok 530pm - August 21, 1967