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Derailment Report - August 2, 1967 - Waterford


Approx 1130pm August 2nd, TH&B Extra 77 Conductor Dean while on No.2 North, between legs of wye, onto No.1 north, apparently ran thru the switch to No.1 at the east end, then pulled back derailing 1 pair wheels of west truck and all of east truck of empty flat car CN 661261. TH&B car dept. rerailed car at 1100am. Our car repairer Best from Hagersville was at Waterford while car being rerailed. Switch stand operating switch to eastward main track was damaged and replaced by I&R Foreman C. Williams, who also repaired switch from No.1 to No.2 north at east leg of wye. Car left on No.2 North Waterford for TH&B extra tonight. C.Williams took new switch stand from St.Thomas - OK 225pm.