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Derailment Report - August 15, 1967 - Perry


At 431pm date Conductor McFarlane on C&O Westbound SC-5 Diesels 3527-3584-2537 Engine Titchener 27 loads 32 empties 3655 tons ( 6 long cars ) reported rear of their train standing on main road crossing at Perry with 3 cars and waycar east of crossing, train had parted and 30th head car of heard portion of train had east trucks sitting up on rails but just about out from under car NYC 203173, empty box. Rails kinked at Stayer Road crossing behind train and considerable track damage. Eastward track clear, NYC 203173 had also cornered NYC 166944 empty stored car in north siding at Perry breaking ladders loose. Ladder on this car cut off by car department. Car NYC 203173 derailed at milage NF 22.3 and rerailed at 22.5. Cause was due to main reservoir falling off account double bracket breaking loose at double bracket end of reservoir catching trailing wheels in road crossing at 22.3 (Stayer Road). Reservoir found between westbound main track and north siding near east end of siding. Montrose Car Department truck arrived at the scene 710pm and car OK to move 830pm. Car set out west end north siding at Perry. Car OK to move 30MPH with straight air. Track made OK at 929pm for 30 MPH between NF 22.5 and 23.5. No personal injuries. Delays: No. 351 10 minutes CP 13 crossover to eastward track to WX and 38 minutes WX meet C&O Eastbound CDF-2 and reverse to Hagersville. No. 354 37 minutes Hagersville meet No.351, C&O CDF-2 15 minutes running slow when meeting SC-5. MS-6 2 hours Hagersville meet No. 351 and No. 354 to go. MK-1 2 hours Welland meet No. 354 and MS-6. SC-5 4 hours 40 minutes. Track damage: 15 track bolts, 25 track spikes, 1 switch tie and 30 track ties. A switch box broken, jumper wires and bond wires broken.

OK Normal speed 945am August 16th

Crossing Perry OK 1045am August 16th.